EVENT: My own adventures in BD / strips

Humanity, since the beginning of time, has always had the same need along with food, shelter, and protection: the need to tell stories. Across the globe, in every age, in every culture, and in every language, we are natural experts at storytelling.

Pictures came before writing. Before fully structured spoken language. Our ancestors left in prehistoric caves the infinite trace of their passage through this world, but do we really know anything about those artists? How old were they? Were they men? Were they women? All our art has this common origin and we have more questions than answers.

When we walk through Brussels, it is inevitable to bump into all those brightly painted walls that speak of different worlds, some more distant and some closer. Some more real and others more invented. These are the comic murals. And this is no coincidence: comic strips are one of the most important creations for which Belgium is known abroad. They are illustrations complemented by written text, although there are also silent comics, without text. What those comic murals mean? Are they so important that entire museums are devoted to these drawings?

We want to answer these questions and others in the event “BEWOGEN BAL BOUGÉ ON TOUR”. We have organised a workshop in which we will learn the basic principles of the comic world so that anyone can make their own story, at the same moment or later on. We will discover different national and international styles and different ways to summon our characters. The only limit will be your imagination (and the amount of paper, of course), because all ages, languages and backgrounds are welcome. No drawing or literary skills are necessary to enjoy the art and creation, and we will provide the material needed. The workshop will be given in English and Spanish by fans of Belgian and international comics, and questions can also be asked in French and Dutch.

Get your pencils ready… Load your colors… Let’s create your story!

WhatWorkshop: “My own adventures in BD / strips”
WhenThursday 17th February 2022
10.30 am – 12.30 pm
WhereOutdoors. Oude Graanmarkt 1000 – Brussels
LanguagesSpanish and English. Questions also in French or Dutch
MaterialsWe will provide all the materials that you need for free
RegulationsThe COVID-19 regulations will be respected in this event
Special thanks toThe Bewogen Festival team

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