Focus in culture.

When you learn something from people, or from a culture, you accept it as a gift, and it is your lifelong commitment to preserve it and build on it.

Yo-Yo Ma.

There are as many trips as there are people who travel. Everyone is different, with different tastes and interests. At Curiositas Mundus all plans can be tailor-made, from shopping to karaoke, everything is possible! However, we recognise that we have a special weakness for culture, heritage and museums.

Molenbeek canal

Belgium is a country whose tourist facilities are still largely unknown. For many, it is the country of European civil servants, politicians, fries, beer and a pissing boy. However, there is so much to offer here that there are two phrases that travellers keep repeating:

  • Belgium is so much more than I thought at the beginning.
  • I should have spent more days in Belgium!

The rich culture, the architecture, the mix of centuries, the art, the museums, the traditions… you can see them from the first minute you set foot in any of the cities of the Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders regions. Tourists with a special interest in culture quickly understand and enjoy to the full the vast range of opportunities the country has to offer, many of which are recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

All along these borders you will find medieval architecture, historic buildings, libraries, impressive town halls, admirable bell towers, baroque churches, gothic cathedrals, modern palaces, renaissance parks… There are hundreds of museums, and it would take a lifetime to visit them all.

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