Fort Breendonk: Belgium unknown Nazi prison camp

The Fort Breendonk is a former Nazi prison camp in Belgium that you can visit as a National Memorial. It is a military fort close to the city of Antwerp built at the beginning of the 20th century. When the Nazis invaded Belgium in 1940, they turned this place into a detention camp for political prisoners, resistance members and Jews. About 3.500 people suffered here inhuman conditions and despicable treatment until 1944.

Our guides are recognized by the War Heritage Institute to show you the Memorial. If you want to learn more about this period of World War II and Belgian history, it is essential to check the availability of the Fort and the number of people. The entire route is accessible to people with reduced mobility or wheelchairs.

  • Price of the walking tour: 190€ / guide (maximum 25 people per guide).
  • Price of each entrance ticket: 11€ / person (groups less than 15 people). 4,5€ / person (groups between 15 and 25 people). Possibility of reductions for disability and age.
  • If you need also transport from any Belgian city (for example, Brussels), we can provide it. Different options are available from private car/coach to public trains.

As each group is different in the number of people, profile, and date… in this specific case we kindly ask you to ask for a real quotation in the following form: