Luxembourg & Dinant Unexpected

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy that exists in modern times in the world. It is often referred to as a global powerful economy, which is why not many travelers pay attention to the possibility of discovering a European capital that is as small as it is stunning.

The city is divided into the upper and lower towns (La Ville Haute or the Old Town and La Ville Basse). Their height differences were essential for the city’s defense in the past and the endless miles of casemates are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once back in Belgium, our tour stops in the small town of Dinant, the birthplace of the saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax. Travelers are amazed that the streets are full of saxophones! But that’s not all: this is the birthplace of Leffe beer and the famous biscuits couques de Dinant. And we all marvel at the fortress, the cableway, and the grandeur of the Maas river.

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