Magic in Flanders

Everyone is amazed by Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven or Mechelen. These are just some of the impressive cities that can be enjoyed in this region.

Walking tours – Our suggestions for casual travellers.

Medieval Bruges Essentials

All the charm of Bruges on a guided tour where you will travel back in time a thousand years. Immerse yourself in a city where centuries have not passed and be amazed by its architecture and people.

Duration: 2h 30m.

From 190€

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Fort Breendonk: Belgium unknown Nazi prison camp

The Breendonk military fort was controlled by the SS from 1940 to 1944. It served as an auffanglager (prison camp) for political prisoners, resistance members and Jews. It is one of the best preserved and least known camps in Europe.

Duration: 2h 30m.

From 190€

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Tours in your mobile – For the most technological travellers.

Enchanting Bruges City Exploration Game

Explore Bruges, the jewel of Belgium, in this exciting quest across the city. Bruges delights its visitors with its fairy-tale canals, stunning towers and medieval buildings. Discover the stories that accompany the most historic and splendid places in the city. 

Important: You need to download in your smartphone the app Questo to play.

Duration: 2h

From: €6,99

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Why you must visit Flanders?

Flanders is the cradle of great warriors, powerful merchants of the Middle Ages, skilled craftsmen and noble women leaders. Its history goes back to a majestic past that was not always free of conflict. Its works of art and imposing architecture have attracted thousands of travellers since the beginnings of more systematic tourism. And, before that, it has suffered numerous invasions, from the Romans to the Vikings, attracted by all the wonders these lands had to offer.

This region has also all the coastline of the country. In addition to the best known and most publicised cities, we can add others such as, for example:

There are so many reasons to visit Flanders. What’s yours?

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