The cosmopolitan Brussels

Full of life. How can such an international city feel so close and, at times, so welcoming? Discover this mystery.

Why you must visit Brussels?

This wonderful town is well known for being one of the political and cultural seats of the European Union, and for having a baroque boy who urinates shamelessly. The truth is that the thoughts we hear most often in our work are:

Brussels is not what I expected: I should have dedicated a few more days here!

Appearances and soulless trips usually deceive our senses.

Brussels and its people have a lot to offer. One of our aims is also to alleviate the historic centre from large groups of tourists and to offer a broad view of the other districts. In total, Brussels has 19 districts and to show only one of them is to detract from the opportunities and knowledge of curious travellers.

The options we offer are very diverse and adapt for people with reduced mobility (except within some museums or collaborating partners, in which case we will always specify this in the description). In the case of private tours, they are very flexible, and we can adapt them according to the interests of each group. We have enabled a “comments” section in the purchase of each experience so that you can write all those diverse needs that we should take into account.

Are you ready to discover all the experiences that the Capital of Europe has to offer?

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